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Advantages of OEC:


Our consultancy team has extensive consulting experience and has received professional training from the UK government. The team members have both academic and professional accreditation to ensure that they are competent to provide a range of professional and quality services.


OEC insists on one-on-one service for each customer to enhance the customer experience. Through the assessment of each customer’s actual situation as well as assessing its potential and advantages, we construct an exclusive development plan for the student. With effective communication with customers and accurate appreciation of the details of the application, this will improve customer success rate of the application.


Educational consultation is not only a career for us, it is our responsibility. We seek the right development path through innovative business practices for our students. High customer satisfaction has allowed us to lead the education consulting industry. In the course of our service, we will actively contact with the relevant institutions to track the progress of the application to ensure the application process goes smoothly as possible.


We are committed to treat every student with equality and integrity, to provide genuine and helpful advice and never make false promise or assurances.


OEC is formed by a dynamic, broad wealth of experience and high-quality team.
With over 10 years of professional experience, the team has now grown into the British veteran educational advisory body. Our main aim is to assist and serve potential international students in achieving their career goals. Since its establishment in 2006, we have forged close relationships and partnerships with over 128 institutions, covering all stages of education from primary school to universities. So far, we have successfully delivered more than 20,000 students to our partner institutions.

OEC is committed to providing outstanding international students to leading institutions of higher education, post-secondary schools and language schools around the world with a wealth of experience and expertise. OEC also advocates for the world’s ideal student docking high-quality education providers.

In line with the company’s motto which is “”Customer’s best interests in mind, Customers First and For the Customers”, we have helped many overseas students to solve the difficulties encountered in the academic and visa. This has led the company to have an excellent reputation and remain on the glory trail for many years.

We are also proud to say that we also have a service center in major cities in China and the United Kingdom, to facilitate and provide convenient professional services.


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